A Parasitic Force

I find it rather sickening 

Gutwrenching, heartbreaking 

How many Christ followers walk among us. 

How they glorify giving their power away, 

To a scapegoat

Because they are too weary and weak to carry their own burdens.

Well guess what, 

I am weary too

But at least I hold the power it takes to continue putting one foot forward at a time.

You hold it too, well, you used to.

Now you are a husk asking permission from a dead person to follow your dreams. 

You are so fucking stupid it makes my brain hurt.

My spirit aches for your willful shackles as you cry out to the dead “save me, own me, live my life for me”.

You are weak, you bury your strength

Your mind is feeble and your spirit lacks

You want to save me but you’re the lost ones

Save yourselves, it’s what Jesus wants for you.

He was but a man who saved himself and shared his light for all to see, worship him and you miss the entirety of his message. 

Fools you are, the lot of you. 

And yet you raise your children to be as blank as you are, little rotten robots who only refrain from evil for selfish reasons. 

What I’ve noticed is how vile christians can be, yet seeing themselves as the most pure, surely raised from the rest of the world by their self righteousness. 

I think you reside in the deepest of pits, willfully blinded, powerless, pretending to be fulfilled with “god’s mysterious plan for you”. 

Let me tell you, that mysterious plan is only your own desire, charading as some god outside of yourself, ego-boosting your own bubble of narcissism. 

I wish to pop them all. I wish to snuff out Christianity as thoroughly as they snuff out your free will and loving creative power. 

I wish to see a world where Christianity is just a laughing memory of the past, where our present is our own, our power in our hands, our minds on our dreams. 


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