twirling with my lover

I could go for wearing a twirly dress in a flower field and laying down out of view, letting the flowers swallow me up as I investigate the micro forms of life that live in their leaves and shadows. And then after living with the flowers for a while, stand up, run a bit, and twirl twirl twirl until I can’t tell which way is this or that and my feet give out below me and I laugh the laughter that touches my belly and I fall onto the ground with my hair in my face and I look at the sky and remember what it feels like to fly. I do it all the time in my dreams. I want to let my body seep into the earth until I remember that I am earth, feeling billions of tiny humans and creatures crawling, walking, leaping, swimming, climbing, soaring, living across my surface, whose life is sustained purely from my existence. And then to feel your touch, hear your laugh, see your lively dancing eyes as you call me to step into the space beside you, beckoning me to fulfill an experience, an adventure with you. Who knows what it will be, an experience of the mind, the heart, the body, the earth and forms surrounding us, or all of them meshed into some wild ride that I know you are perfectly capable of executing for nothing else than our pleasure, joy, excitement, wonder. Maybe we’ll even learn a lesson and uncover bits of wisdom and somehow transcend the outward and inward limitations of our psyches and forms and dance into space, or the center of earth, or create a mini universe in the space that lives between the gaze of my soul into yours, and yours into mine. All of these things your essence, your connection and love and support inspire and pull from my soul. I feel love and I feel loved, and I could live lifetimes in the feelings that we conjure with one another.


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