A person who writes.

A person who was born into the unfortunate situation of a religious cult, and freed at the age of 16, losing family and friends forever.

Now almost 25 years old, she realizes there is still much toxicity held within her, and if not careful, there are days when her sunny skies turn into seemingly permanent clouds of gloom, but deep down she knows she is moving those clouds because she longs to feel the warmth of the sun, her favorite, again.

When nothing else proves solace, there are always her forgotten friends: blank screen or paper to take the edge off, and maybe one day shape up her mind enough to share with others and help them along their path as well. That is what she truly desires after all: to be healed and to heal others.

In the meantime, you may read her thoughts here, broken, fragmented, expressing a portion of the feeling behind them. She hopes to feel her words flow freely and lovingly as they once did. She believes, in reading her blog, you may witness the transformation bloom.

Peace to you.